Learning Theology avoiding Academic Culture



1. Why avoid academic culture?

Thoughts on Non-Academic Learning.

2. Some of what has been tried.

Inculturating 3D .

Jesus Shaped People.

Northern Ark Material.

Film Project.

3. A proposed learning programme?


The people who have put together this folder.

Revd. Andy Delmege.; Revd. David Lloyd.; Simon Foster.;

Canon Joe Hasler.; Dr. Charlie Shepherd.; Revd. Jane Winter.

We are people who respect and benefit from the work of academic theologians.

Many of us have been engaged with ministry to Council Built Housing Estates.

All of us have been engaged with those for whom academic culture has been a barrier to learning.

So the attempt at being ‘book free’ is not really book free at all. It is more about how academic learning can be a resource to theology.

We are about how theology can be something that can be learned by people who may not be moved to formal educational qualifications. We set out to discover what this approach might give to ‘ministry’. We are strongly motivated that ‘ministry and avoiding academic culture’ is not just for lay ministry but equally applicable to those moved, called or pushed by God and their communities toward ordained and other licensed ministries.

The material in this folder sets out to show

1. That this a real issue.

2. That there are possible ways forward.

3. The experience of those moving in this direction but who have had to compromise because of those prevailing political climates which might be described as the desire for learned leadership.

4. Finally a proposed learning framework for which we might aim.






Learning theology avoiding academic culture